Francesco Romanelli is a project engineer who has worked with industries and universities. He can be referred to in the "Encyclopedia of American Automobile by G.N. Georgano." Mr. Romanelli's expertise is in the design of internal combustion engines, motorcycles, automobiles, and related transportation technologies. He is the holder of several patents including one for the unique design of a six valve cylinder head and front hub steering design for motorcycles.

Research and Development

The combination of Mr. Romanelli's expertise in research and developement , computer design and rapid prototyping, enables Romanelli Engineering to produce working prototypes of many products. We use materials science to match your project with the best available material and will evaluate wether an isotropic or anisotropic structure is best for the project. As we build custom inert welding chambers we have facilities to weld( also machine) titanium and other refractory materials.

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