Engine Configuration 75° V-Twin 12-valve
Bore/Stroke/Displacement 98 X 64 = 965cc
Valve Train DOHC / 2 stage drive
Intake Valves per Cylinder Four [4]
Exhaust Valves per Cylinder  Two[2]
Horsepower/C. Ratio 136bhp @10,000 rpm - 10.8:1
Engine Management System Marelli ECU(Driveby Wire)
Throttle Body/Size 4 X 38mm
Cooling System Air/Oil with Electric Pump
Lubrication Dry Sump/Dual Pump
Transmission 6 speed
Engine Weight 56kg / 123 lbs
The Engine is a modular design that can be produced with oil or water cooling.
Cylinders and cylinder heads are interchangeable. 
Oil is circulated by an electric pump with a smart controller. To maintain the set temperature a flow sensor and temperature sensor communicate with the ECU to operate the controller - Two QUAZCOOL cylindrical heat exchangers are an integral part of the system. Therefore the engine management system includes the controls for temperature, injection, ignition, and driveby wire so as to optimize the thermodynamic and control cycle. 
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