Motorcycle Projects

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The TEMA project is a working prototype that incorporates the engine and suspension patents.
The engine is a 75° V-twin 965cc with 6 valve cylinder heads and a Formula 1 management system that includes a computerized cooling system (Engine drawings and specification). The Romanelli 6 Valve patented design cylinder head is capable of producing more horsepower per liter than existing designs.
  The motorcycle has a frame made of CNC milled aluminum plates and a front HUB steering design.

The front suspension is a Formula 1 style parallelogram with pushrod suspension that eliminates the front fork, turning the front wheel directly with the telescopic steering shaft.

The system permits full adjustment of the steering geometry, wheelbase and monoshock link ratio. It eliminates wheelbase and trail changes, brakedive, forktube longitudinal bending mode, and controls tire bounce.

The rear shock is attached to the oil sump under the engine, and it uses a torsion bar inside the swing arm pivot as a spring.